Fireworks as Nkansah Lilwin clashes with Mr Logic on UTV’s United Showbiz [Video]

Nkansah Lilwin and Mr Logic

Ghanaian actor and movie producer Kwadwo Nkansah LilWin and artiste manager cum entertainment pundit, Mr. Logic clashed on UTV’s United Showbiz on Saturday night, May 12.

The heated misunderstanding ensued when LilWin while discussing the challenges of the Ghanaian movie industry, lamented the lack of support from relevant stakeholders.

He criticized the tendency to focus on highlighting the industry’s shortcomings rather than offering assistance.

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Nkansah Lilwin and Mr Logic
Nkansah Lilwin and Mr Logic

LilWin singled out Mr Logic, a fellow guest on the show, alleging that he lacks knowledge of movie production but still criticizes movie producers’ efforts.

LilWin said, “Our leaders have relegated the movie industry to the background. They provide absolutely no support at all. So, they are all watching the industry collapse. Mr. Logic over here does not know the industry; he knows nothing about the industry.”

Mr. Logic took offence to LilWin’s remarks and retorted, questioning LilWin’s understanding of movie production.

“What did you say? That I know nothing about the movie industry? That I lack movie knowledge? What do you know about movie production?” Mr. Logic fired back.

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In his defence, Mr. Logic argued that a deep understanding of casting and directing is essential in navigating the movie industry.

“When did you produce your first movie? In which year were you first cast as an actor? So, you assume you know about the industry because you’re an actor? Anyone who understands directing and casting can easily produce a movie,” Mr. Logic stated

Watch the video below:


The seeming feud between Mr. Logic and LilWin stems from a comment made by Mr. Logic regarding the movie “A Country Called Ghana,” produced by LilWin.

Mr. Logic expressed concerns about the cast, particularly LilWin’s decision to include Nigerian actors when there are equally talented actors in Ghana.

In response, LilWin joked about Mr. Logic and alleged that the artiste manager consumes marijuana-infused edibles. Following LilWin’s accusation, Mr. Logic made it public that he was going to take legal action against the actor.

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