Newlywed husband slaps his bride in front of shocked guests after she teased him

A video caught the moment a groom slapped his bride in front of shocked wedding guests – because she teased him with a slice of cake.

The clip, believed to have been captured in Central Asia, shows the groom angrily lashing out at his bride after she teased him by pretending to take his wedding cake away.

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In the video which is currently circulating the internet, the couple who appeared to be Asians were carrying out the traditional first cutting and eating of cake. The bride who perhaps wanted to have a bit of fun, teased her groom with the cake by taking it back and forth from his mouth.

Rather than laugh it off like the guests expected, he struck her hard across the cheek, so hard the force pushed her down. Not only was the bride shocked, the guests present at the occasion were also stunned especially due to the fact the groom remained unapologetic about his actions.

Watch the video below :

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