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Nicky Newma Net worth – Nicky Newman is a photographer and documentary filmmaker who studied Journalism and Media and Psychology at Rhodes University in the late 1980s.

Nicky Newman, has passed away at the age of 35, succumbing to her long-standing battle with stage four breast cancer. She has left a profound impact on those who followed her journey.

Nicky Newman Biography

Nicky Newman


Nicky Newman, also known as Nicknacklou, was a cancer campaigner and Instagram star who passed away on September 18, 2023, at the age of 35 She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer five and a half years ago, which had spread to her bones Nicky was married to her husband and was not known to have any children.

Nicky Newman’s legacy lives on, and her indomitable spirit continues to inspire countless others to embrace life’s precious moments and prioritize breast health.

Who is Nicky Newman

Renowned cancer advocate and Instagram sensation, Nicky Newman, fondly known as Nicknacklou, has passed away. The heart-wrenching news was shared by Nicky herself in a poignant post.

Nicky Newman

Nicky, an inspiring 35-year-old, courageously battled stage 4 breast cancer for five and a half years, even as it spread to her bones. Her social media messages consistently encouraged her vast following, numbering nearly a quarter of a million followers, to seize life’s opportunities and prioritize breast health.

Regrettably, this vibrant young woman has now succumbed to the disease, just ten days after announcing the discontinuation of her treatment.

In a profoundly moving post intended for her loved ones to share, Nicky, affectionately known to her online community as NickNackLou, penned the following words: “If you’re reading this, it means I have passed away.

I managed to fight for five and a half years, which is quite remarkable for a stage 4 breast cancer warrior. There’s no ‘she lost her battle’ here; I didn’t lose anything. Eventually, the cancer took over, and that’s alright. We all anticipated this outcome.”

She continued, “I don’t think any of us are truly prepared to hear those words. We often believe we’re invincible, holding onto hope for a miraculous cure. However, the reality is that we’re all living day by day, conscious that our days may be numbered.

So, I implore you to promise me that you’ll cherish your loved ones, embrace them tightly, and seize every moment. GO GRAB LIFE! You never truly know what’s waiting around the corner, so never take anything for granted.”

Nicky Newman

Nicky also addressed her online family, saying, “You have all become part of my legacy, my ‘Instagramily,’ in Mr. G’s words. I thank each one of you from the depths of my heart for being there every step of the way. There is more to come, with exciting projects in the works that will carry on this legacy. So, stay connected and continue being the incredible, beautiful humans that you are!”

She added, “I believe in the power of energy, and if people hold onto the positive energy we’ve created here and on other similar platforms, then I will always be with you. Mr. G has some words to share as well, as we both wanted to do this together. Love you all, my beautiful humans!”

Nicky’s cancer journey began several years ago, while she and her husband were undergoing fertility treatment. She noticed breast changes and experienced severe back pain. Tragically, within a week, she suffered a miscarriage and was diagnosed with incurable metastatic breast cancer.

Throughout her journey, Nicky advocated for celebrating life and supported outstanding businesses and charities, such as Lounge underwear and Women’s Best. She collaborated with Boho Betty on a jewelry collection, with proceeds benefiting her chosen charity, Future Dreams.

Nicky also inspired hundreds of individuals to get lightning bolt tattoos, a symbol representing her determination to seize life.

In her final year, Nicky had the opportunity to witness her sister’s wedding, travel to Tenerife and Finland, and embark on a memorable trip to Disneyland, a place she referred to as her “second home.”

Tributes are pouring in from around the world. Lauren Mahon, co-host of the “You Me and the Big C” podcast with the late Dame Deborah James, expressed her heartfelt sentiments: “Ah, our Nicky. Our little lightning bolt.

I knew it as soon as the sky lit up last night. I’ve never seen such an electric storm in the UK; it could only have been you. You illuminated the planet from the moment you entered our lives. I genuinely, truly love you and already miss the effervescent ball of joy that YOU are and forever will be. Thank you. I love you.”

Nicky Newman cause of death

Nicky Newman’s passing was a result of her long-standing battle with stage four breast cancer. Despite her unwavering courage and resilience, the disease eventually took its toll on her.

Nicky made the brave decision to stop her cancer treatment, choosing not to be seen as “losing a battle” but rather as someone who lived her life to the fullest until the end.

Nicky Newman Age

She passed away at the tender age of 35.

What Happened to Nicky Newman?

Her journey was one of resilience and courage as she battled stage four breast cancer for over five years. Her diagnosis led to a remarkable display of strength, during which she openly shared her experiences, treatments, and emotional struggles with her extensive online following.

She wanted her followers to understand that her journey wasn’t about “losing a battle” to cancer but a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Nicky’s message emphasized the importance of cherishing life’s simple joys and the significance of maintaining close bonds with friends and family.

Nicky Newma Net worth

She had a net worth of $7 million dollars as of 2023.

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