“She Shakes it Better”: Old woman in gown dances by roadside with waist (video)

old woman
Old woman dance by roadside

The dance step of an old woman has made her a viral sensation on TikTok where her video has been viewed over 900k times .

In the trending video posted by @Umaka_galz, the woman danced energetically with a bottle of drink in her hand.

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old woman
Old woman dance by roadside

Dressed in a fitted gown, the woman dropped her drink on the ground when she wanted to do a new move that involved touching the floor.

In the video, she first began the dance with her body, shaking all parts and making good use of her hands for gestures.

But as the dance progressed, she switched to the use of her waist. She shook it violently, but accurately to the sound of the music.

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There is no doubt in the minds of all who have seen the video that the woman is a good dancer.

Watch the video below:

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