Chad Fryar Accident : What Happened to CrossRoads Cowboy Church pastor 

Pastor Chad Fryar

Pastor Chad Fryar Accident —

CrossRoads Cowboy Church pastor Chad Fryar was involved in a vehicle-train accident alongside his family in Bismark.

Here’s what happened to Pastor Chad Fryar and his family.

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Pastor Chad Fryar

What Happened to Pastor Chad Fryar?

The Pastor of the Bismark CrossRoads Cowboy Church, Chad Fryar, was involved in a vehicle and train accident along with his three children, a son and two daughters- Bo Henry, Marley Jo, and Dana Kate.

On Sunday night, pastor Chad Fryar was traveling with his children when their vehicle collided with a train on a railway crossing. The collision was so bad that the two little girls died as a result of the fatal injuries sustained in the crash.

The vehicle-train accident involving Chad Fryar and his family took place near Gum Springs in Arkadelphia’s Clark County. The collision happened at the Union Pacific Railroad when a train and a pickup vehicle collided badly.

The injured and the deceased were rushed to the nearby medical facility. Marley Jo and Dana Kate, the daughters of Chad Fryar, died as a result of the vehicle-train accident near the Richwoods Road crossing in Gum Springs around 1:45 PM.

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Pastor Chad Fryar

How is Pastor Chad Fryar Now?

Pastor Chad Fryar was hospitalized along with his son Bo Henry due to the injuries suffered in the vehicle-train accident on Sunday night. The father-son duo is battling for their lives at the medical hospital while two daughters of the pastor passed away in the crash.

Chad Fryar and Bo Henry were both critically injured in the crash and sent to different hospitals. They are getting treated for their wounds. The latest update from the South Arkansas District Church of Nazarene confirms that Chad Fryar is in stable condition in the ICU.

His son, Bo Henry, underwent surgery on his arm on Wednesday. He is also in stable condition and out of danger now. Please send your prayers for their speedy recovery. No other people were injured in the accident.

Rachel Fryar, the wife of Pastor Chad Fryar, was not involved in the crash. She was at work at the time of the accident. The Union Pacific Staff also confirmed that the train crew was not injured in the collision.

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Pastor Chad Fryar Accident
Pastor Chad Fryar Accident

Marley Jo and Dana Kate, Pastor Chad Fryar Daughters , Died in Crash

Two little girls of Bismark Pastor Chad Fryar died as a result of the injuries sustained in the vehicle train accident. Marley Jo and Dana Kate were traveling with their father in a pickup vehicle when it collided with a train on a railway crossing near Gum Springs.

They were rushed to the hospital after the crash but the doctors pronounced them dead. An investigation is going into the accident that left two daughters of Chad Fryar dead. Obituaries of the young girls are awaited at this time while the family prepares for their funeral.

Request for Prayers for Chad Fryar & Family Appear Online

The Christian communities of El Paso and Bismarck, Arkansas, are urging everyone to pray for the family of CrossRoads Cowboy Church pastor Chad Fryar. They are pleading with people to pray for the speedy recovery of the pastor and his son as they recover from critical injuries.


Pastor Chad Fryar

Requests for prayers for Rachel Fryar are also needed to help her find the strength to care for both of them and cope with the loss of two young daughters. The family underwent a massive tragedy and their lives have changed forever in a matter of just one week.

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