Who was Scott Seddon? British paddleboarder killed by lightning on Rhodes beach

Scott Seddon, A British man has died after he was reportedly hit by lightning while paddleboarding in Greece.

Scott Seddon was filmed laughing and joking with a close friend as he emerged from the sea – just minutes before he was struck by lightning and killed.

The keen sportsman, 26, died after being hit by a bolt of lightning shortly after emerging from the water during what appeared to be clear weather over the Greek island of Rhodes.

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Scott Seddon
Scott Seddon: British paddleboarder killed by lightning

The video shows Scott full of life, athletic and clearly very happy – and gives no hint that he was in any apparent danger with an earlier storm seeming to have passed.

It was released to MailOnline by his devastated family who want it made public to show that Scott had left the sea when the incident happened and was not acting in any way recklessly.

Scott’s heartbroken mother said he had been having ‘the time of his life’ before his tragic death in the freak accident on Monday afternoon, when, she said, ‘God just decided to take him’.

Initial reports from Greece had suggested that Scott died while out to sea during an electrical storm at Agia Agathi as his close friend Anna Vidamour, 24 begged him to come in.

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scott seddon killed lightning
Scott Seddon killed by lightning on Rhodes beach

But Scott’s mother and father, who were in the ambulance as paramedics tried to save his life, said the weather was sunny and an earlier storm had apparently passed.

They point out that the video shows there was no hint of an imminent electrical storm as he returned to the beach on Monday afternoon in sunlight and only partial cloud.

His family insist experienced boarder Scott knew the dangers of the sea or weather in Greece where they used to live for years before coming home to Liverpool.

His father Stephen, 68, said: ‘We have lived in Greece for the last 30 years.

‘He knows the water and respects the water. He wasn’t some silly tourist who get on a board to go somewhere dangerous.

‘He was laughing coming out of the water. They put the canoes on the shore and they were standing on the stand and they hugged.

‘He was not in danger and was not dragged out of the water.’

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Scott Seddon
Scott Seddon Video

Anna, 24, from Belfast, who was close to Scott but not dating him – he was soon to go on another trip to visit his girlfriend – had taken the video just five minutes before he was struck.

Scott’s mother Jackie, 56, told MailOnline: ‘They got out of the water and they were so happy that they had come out of the water.

‘They were having a laugh and he asked his friend to take the video as there was no danger.

‘They put the board down and the lighting struck him on the back of the neck.

‘Scott did not have any metal on him – just two little earrings.

His sister Layla, 24, said: ‘By the time they came out of the water it was sunny.

‘When they were on their boards, they saw a bit of lightning but by the time they got in, it was in the distance, it had already passed.

‘There was no crazy water or lightning. The danger had gone.’

Scott  Seddon Video

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