Who is Dima Tower? Ukrainian adoptee kills American adoptive parents

Dima Tower
Robbie and Jennifer Tower were stabbed repeatedly inside their North Port home on Friday.

Dima Tower, A Ukrainian adoptee who was saved from a prison-like orphanage by a devoutly religious American couple has been charged with their murders in Florida.

The incident unfolded when Dima Tower, 21, allegedly stabbed his adoptive parents, Robbie Tower, 49, and Jennifer Tower, 51, in their Florida home on a fateful Friday.

Following the gruesome act, he led the police on an eight-hour manhunt before his eventual arrest on Saturday morning.

Dima Tower
Dima Tower, 21, allegedly stabbed his adoptive parents to death.

Who is Dima Tower?

Dima Tower is a 21-year-old Ukrainian adoptee who stands accused of fatally stabbing his adoptive parents, Robbie and Jennifer Tower, in their North Port, Florida, home.

Robbie Tower and Jennifer Tower, a Christian missionary couple who also worked as real estate agents in their community, had adopted Dima seven years ago from a Ukrainian orphanage where he had suffered physical abuse.

Despite their deeply religious beliefs and their efforts to shower him with love, Dima Tower reportedly struggled to adapt to his new life in the United States, exhibiting disturbing and violent behavior.

The horrifying events began when a neighbor reported hearing someone banging on her door, screaming for help. Upon investigation, the resident found blood spatters on the ground but no one in sight.

The police arrived at the Tower residence, where they found Dima Tower outside the home with blood on his clothes. Ignoring police orders to freeze, he fled in his car, leading officers on a high-speed chase.

Dima Tower
Robbie and Jennifer Tower were stabbed repeatedly inside their North Port home on Friday.

The dramatic pursuit eventually led to Dima’s capture after he fled on foot and hid in a wooded area. Inside the Tower’s home, investigators discovered the lifeless bodies of Robbie and Jennifer Tower, seemingly positioned head-to-head on their living room floor, surrounded by pools of blood.

While the motive for the murders remains unclear, family members revealed that this was not the first instance of Dima Tower attacking his adoptive parents.

Allegedly, three years ago, Dima had left his father with a black eye, prompting Robbie to send him to relatives briefly. However, the couple forgave him and welcomed him back into their home.

Robbie Tower and Jennifer Tower adopted Dima Tower to save him from the harsh conditions of the Ukrainian orphanage where he suffered physical abuse and neglect.

Despite their best efforts and acts of kindness, Dima reportedly struggled to fit in and had a history of aggressive behavior.

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