Who is GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy?


Who is GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy?…A new face has entered the arena to take on former-President Trump and Nikki Haley.

Vivek Ramaswamy, 37, is a multimillionaire entrepreneur and the author of Woke, Inc: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam.

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 Vivek Ramaswamy
Who is GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy?

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Who is Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy?

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, Vivek Ramaswamy announced his presidential bid on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.

The former biotech executive and hedge fund manager aired a video, which was three and a half minutes long.

It begins with his voiceover over a sprawling cornfield, a girl holding an American flag, and an ironworker.

He says: “We’re in the middle of a national identity crisis. Faith, patriotism, and hard work have disappeared.”

During the clip, he continues to tear down the “woke left,” who he says “preys on that vacuum.

What are his political views?

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Ramaswamy is seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

He is known in the conservative party for opposing any form of Corporate Social Responsibility.

This includes any environmental, social, or political impacts a corporation could have and typically considers before enacting their business.

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