Africa is not a hub for Covid-19 vaccine testing – Didier Drogba 


Recall, two French Doctors who have come up with a vaccine for Covid-19 suggested that the vaccine be used in Africa to on trial basis to see its possible effects in the fight against the outbreak.

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After he made those statements, there have been numerous African personalities who are on a campaign against it.

Former Ivoirian National team and Chelsea forward, Didier Drogba has added his voice to the call.

“They are not even ashamed of themselves. They want to test the new vaccine first in Africa”, he said in a tweet.

A review of Dr Jean-Paul Mira statements, he wrote; “If I can be provocative, shouldn’t we do this study in Africa, where there are no masks, no treatment, no resuscitation, a bit like it has been done in some studies in AIDS, where among prostitutes, we try things because they are exposed, and they don’t protect themselves, what do you think?”

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Reacting to this, Drogba wrote; “It is totally inconceivable we keep on cautioning this.
Africa isn’t a testing lab. I would like to vividly denounce those demeaning, false and most of all deep racists words. Helps us save Africa with the current ongoing COVID 19 and flatten the curve”

What do you think about the statements of the French Doctor? Should Africa be used for the testing? Share your thoughts with us.