Man buried waist-deep in a grave after trying to steal a coffin; sad video drops

Cops rescue man who spent 2 days buried waist-deep in a grave


Gauteng police rescued a victim of mob justice who allegedly spent two days partially buried in a makeshift grave at Avalon Cemetery in Soweto, south of Johannesburg.

On Monday at approximately 11:00, police responded to a call from a security guard who had found a 31-year-old man buried waist-deep in the cemetery in Klipspruit West. He had apparently been screaming for help for two days.

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The victim was assaulted and his feet bound by shoelaces. A grave was then dug up for the victim where his lower body was buried,” police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said.

According to Masondo, the circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear. While there was speculation that residents had buried the man for allegedly trying to steal a coffin, Masondo would not confirm this.

“We have no witnesses who can collaborate that,” he told News24.

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“The man is currently in hospital. As soon as he has sufficiently recovered, we can obtain a statement as to what exactly happened.”

Video footage of the incident showed the man pleading for help as onlookers ask what happened to him.

Have a look :

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