How Ginimbi lifeless body was transported to the mortuary in a rusty box [video]


Zimbabwean male socialite, Ginimbi, perished in a grisly road accident on Sunday morning when his Rolls Royce hit a tree and burst into flames.

The accident happened after they left Ginimbi’s nightclub after a celebration of Moana’s birthday party.

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Ginimbi lifeless body


Ginimbi was reportedly speeding and trying to overtake cars in his bid to get to where he wanted to go.

The driver of the car he overtook watched as he collided with the second car he wanted to overtake. Both cars burst into flames and Ginimbi was thrown out of his Rolls Royce , dying instantly.

A video of Ginimbi’s lifeless body being transported to mortuary has emerged.

Watch the video below ;

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