“If I die, I die”- Nollywood actress Nazo Ekezie shoots her shot at Don Jazzy


Nollywood actress, Nazo Ekezie, has make a bold move at terminating musician and beats producer,Don Jazzy’s , career as a Bachelor, by shooting a direct shot at him.

Don Jazzy who celebrated his birthday a few hours ago received a lot of messages and good wishes from his fans, friends, and other celebrities.

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Don Jazzy is known to be a bachelor who so many dream of being with American artist Rihanna.

Nollywood actress Nazo Ekezie has sent Don Jazzy a birthday message and also asking him for a date.

I’m shooting my shot…If I die….I die. Don Jazzy I don’t know if you remember I met you the other day at Ima Lekki. Me I’m not slim. So I will never ever stress you about losing weight. I like you like this, please. Let’s go for a date. Happy birthday my crush. “ she wrote.


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