Meet Hazel, the sidechick, Prince Kaybee cheat on Zola with


South African music producer Prince Kaybee has been trending on socia media after a scandalous revelation was made .

The media personality was accused of cheating and screenshots were produced as evidence.

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Prince Kaybee

Online sleuths were quick to notice that his alleged side chick had been sharing the receipts of her interactions with Prince Kaybee.

The raunchy messages are believed to involve ‘intimate photos’, as well as flirty exchanges between the pair.

Zola has not yet commented on the tweet admitting that he cheated on her, but she did address a Twitter user who claimed that Zola once mentioned that she started talking to Kabelo when she was in a relationship with someone else.

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Zola Mhlongo DID break her silence on the matter, but only to address one particular point being made by Prince Kaybee fans.

They accuse his partner of cheating on her ex WHILE hooking up with the popular hitmaker – and in the middle of the night, Zola decided to ‘share some clarity’ on the matter.

Prince Kaybee

Now, here are Photos of Hazel, Prince Kaybee’s Sidechick

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