Trainee nurse, 24, crushed to death after falling into potato chipper machine when it mysteriously switched on in Brazil


A traniee nurse was horrifically crushed to death after falling inside an industrial potato chipper at a factory in Brazil.

Rafaela Alves dos Santos, 24, tragically tumbled inside the machine during her shift in the early hours of November 17.

She is said to have been working at the Bem Brasil Alimentos plant in Perdizes when she fell onto the conveyor belt.

Woman crushed to death in potato chipper

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The machine – designed to carry potatoes to be chopped into chips – mysteriously switched on automatically, despite it being turned off.

The 24-year-old was chillingly flung to her death at speed after uncontrollably hurtling towards the engine mount.

A traumatised co-worker watched on helplessly as Rafaela sustained devastating head injuries, before she was crushed to death by the industrial potato chipper.

Other workers have been left baffled as to why the machine suddenly switched on and dragged the employee to her death.

Rafaela, from Santa Luzia do Itanhy, had previously trained as a nurse technician before moving to Perdizes in May.

Her devastated mother said she had relocated with her older sister and two cousins in search of a better life.

Carla Cristina Dias Alves told local media: “She was going after her future, she was going after her dreams, to work in her field and take care of me.

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Woman crushed to death in potato chipper

“Rafaela was my darling. My other daughters were jealous because we had a very extraordinary connection.

“She was an affectionate, self-assured girl who loved to dress up, buy shoes, clothes, perfume.

“Every morning she texted me, ‘Good morning, my love.’

“Today I didn’t get her good morning.”

The mum claimed she only learned of her daughter’s tragic death via news reports rather than her employers.

Rafaela had been hired to work at the Bem Brasil Alimentos factory by an external company.

The firm has now launched an investigation into the aspiring nurse’s horror death last Thursday.

A spokesperson said: “Bem Brasil regrets the death of an employee of a contracted third-party company, which provides services to Bem Brasil in the municipality of Perdizes/MG.

“Following its policy of work safety, Bem Brasil has already started the process of investigating the cause together with the competent bodies.”

Rafaela was laid to rest in her hometown on November 19.

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