Akira Toriyama Family: All About Wife Yoshimi Katō and Children

Akira Toriyama Family

Akira Toriyama Family: All About Wife Yoshimi Kato and Children—

Akira Toriyama was a Japanese ‘Mangaka’ or a manga artist best known for his manga ‘Dragon Ball,’ which is one of the most popular and successful manga in the world.

He is a noted video-game character designer, known for the games ‘Dragon Quest’ series, ‘Blue Dragon,’ among others.

Born and raised in Japan, he developed a liking for drawing manga during his school days. After working for a few years in an advertising company, he quit the job to become a manga artist.

After his first few manga, he earned true recognition when his comedy series ‘Dr. Slump’ received wide appreciation.

He followed this up with even greater success of the series ‘Dragon Ball.’ Millions of copies of his manga were sold worldwide and both these manga were adapted into anime.

Later, he created shorter manga and one-shots. He received prominent awards in recognition of his excellent art.

On March 1, 2024, at the age of 68, Akira Toriyama passed away from acute subdural hematoma, leaving behind his wife and children.

Akira Toriyama cause of death
‘Dragon Ball’ creator Akira Toriyama dies at 68

Akira Toriyama Wife

Akira Toriyama was married to Yoshimi Kato. She is also a manga artist, who published works under the pseudonym of Nachi Mikami.

Toriyama and Yoshimi Kato’s interest in manga and drawing seemingly brought them closer. The pair were from Nagoya and married each other on May 2, 1982.

His wife, Yoshimi Kato, played a significant role in supporting him, especially during the time constraints of the previous series, Dr. Slump.

Kato’s interest in China and its aesthetics inspired Toriyama to create a Kung Fu manga, which eventually led to the birth of Dragon Ball. Kato even contributed to naming the iconic Kamehameha attack.

Her involvement in this project helped shape Dragon Ball into the influential anime and manga series that it is today.

Akira Toriyama wife Yoshimi Kato
A photograph of Yoshimi Kato and her husband on the day of their wedding (Image via Shintaro Suda)

Akira Toriyama Children

Akira Toriyama had two children with his wife, Yoshimi Kato: Sasuke Toriyama, born on March 23, 1987, and Kikka Toriyama, born in October 1990.

Despite Akira Toriyama’s passing, his legacy continues to live on through his children and his influential work in the manga industry.

Fans express their hope that Toriyama’s wife and children find comfort during difficult times, while the entire anime and manga community appreciates his contributions to the industry.

Akira Toriyama Family

Spouse: Nachi Mikami .

Children: Sasuke and Toriyama.

Father: Yet to update.

Mother: Yet to update.

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