Barry Humphries cause of death, obituary, funeral, date, time, venue

Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries funeral — Barry Humphries has died at the age of 89 after he was rushed to hospital in a serious condition over complications from hip replacement surgery.

The Dame Edna Everage star died on Saturday evening according to a spokesman for St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney where he was being treated.

Barry Humphries funeral

Who is Dame Edna Everage?

Dame Edna Everage is a fictitious character, and her life story has been entirely created by Barry Humphries.

Edna, an ostentatious Melbourne housewife, has appeared on TV and on stages all over the world – including America, the UK and Australia.

In the UK, she’s probably best known for hosting The Dame Edna Experience, Dame Edna’s Neighbourhood Watch and The Dame Edna Treatment.

She’s also known as “Dame Edna”, “Mrs Norm Everage” and “Mrs Norma Everage”. Dame Edna’s backstory is so complete, she even has relatives.

Her sons are Kenny Everage, Bruce Everage, Valmai Gittis and Lois Everage; her nephew is Barry McKenzie; and her husband, Norm Everage, died in 1988. Barry Humpries created Dame Edna in 1955

When did Barry Humphries create his alter-ego and what are her signature glasses?

Humphries created Dame Edna in 1955 and the character soon became famous for her purple hair, outrageous glasses and huge ego.

Edna is well-known for her cat eye glasses – spectacles that have an upsweep at the outer edges where the temples or arms join the frame front

In March 2012, Barry announced he’d be retiring the character. But in 2013, he decided to bring her back.

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Barry Humphries

What was Barry Humphries cause of death?

Barry Humphries was admitted to hospital in February 2023 for hip surgery.

It transpired that he was re-admitted to St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 as a result of complications from the surgery.

His family were with him at his bedside and said that he was comfortable at the end.

They released a statement lettings fans know and thanking them for their support and all their well wishes.

Barry Humphries funeral, date, time, venue

As of now, the funeral arrangement of the late Barry has not been disclosed by his family.

Having said that, we are still following up on his death, we will update you as soon as we get important information about Barry Humphries funeral and burial service.

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