Who was Claudia Iacono and What was her cause of death?


Claudia Iacono Death —

The city of Montreal was shaken by the shocking and untimely death of Claudia Iacono on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023, the beloved owner of Salon Deauville.

Claudia Iacono was a prominent figure in Montreal’s beauty industry. Known for her passion and dedication, she transformed Salon Deauville into a renowned establishment. Her skills and warm personality earned her a loyal clientele.

Keep reading the article to know more about Claudia Iacono, including what happened to her, how she died, what was the cause of her death, Claudia Iacono obituary and more!


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Claudia Iacono

What Happened to Claudia Iacono?

On a fateful day in Montreal, Claudia Iacono’s life was abruptly cut short when she was shot dead.

Claudia was allegedly driving her automobile on rue Jean-Talon, close to rue de la Savane, on Tuesday afternoon, May 16th, 2023 when she allegedly came under fire before hitting a structure.

Upon their arrival, the authorities discovered that the woman had been injured by at least one bullet from a gun.

Following Claudia Iacono’s tragic death, the Montreal Police Service launched a thorough investigation to identify the killer and ascertain the motive behind the crime.

Law enforcement authorities are working diligently to gather evidence and witness testimonies to bring justice to the case.

The details surrounding the shooting remain scarce, with the investigation still underway. This devastating event has left friends, family, and the local community grieving the loss of a remarkable woman.

According to the sources, the murderer or murderers may have followed the victim. Witnesses claim that a suspect was made off on foot.

The Major Crimes Unit of the Montreal Police Department must determine whether the victim was really the intended victim.

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Know More About the Case:

One of the women in the Gallo family has been attacked previously, so this is not the first time.

The wife of Moreno Gallo was kidnapped in the autumn of 2019 and held captive in a caravan close to an auto parts yard on Rue Lafayette in Laval for a number of hours before the elderly woman was able to escape.

Moreno Gallo, who was the owner of the Solid Gold strip club on Boulevard Saint-Laurent and a member of the Calabrian cell that supported the Sicilians, is charged with participating in a 2010 plot to overthrow the Rizzuto.

 Claudia Iacono


 Claudia Iacono


How Did Claudia Iacono Die? 

Claudia Iacono, the spouse of Anthony Gallo, tragically passed away on Tuesday afternoon, May 16th, 2023. Following a fatal gunshot that occurred today in Montreal, Claudia Iacono has been named as the victim.

According to reports, Claudia Iacono, the owner of the Salon Deauville, died as a result of the wounds she received after being shot five times in front of her business.

CrocLeReporteur was the one who first announced this tragic news via Twitter, and gave updates on this matter, saying

“The horrific murder that happened this afternoon in Montreal involved Claudia Iacono, the proprietor of the Deauville salon, and the husband of Anthony Gallo, who is the son of Moreno Gallo, who was fatally shot in Acapulco in 2013. Anthony had been living in Mexico since he had been ejected from Canada in January 2012 for major criminality.”

People’s Reaction to Claudia Iacono’s Death

The tragic death of Claudia Iacono has deeply affected the community in Montreal. Her friends, clients, and employees are mourning the loss of a compassionate and talented individual. Tributes poured in, highlighting the positive impact she made on the lives of those around her

Pascal Robidas tweeted, saying “Claudia Iacono, the proprietor of the Salon Deauville, was shot five times in front of her establishment. The police personnel we spoke to predict that the aftershock will be violent. Some claim that violence between Calabrians and Sicilians has returned to Montreal.”




Montrealrizzuto posted on Facebook, saying “Montreal woman shot and killed. One of Moreno Gallo’s second son’s wives is the victim. The spouse of one of the sons of the late Calabrian mafioso Moreno Gallo, who was fatally shot while driving during Tuesday rush hour in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood.”

The tragic and untimely death of Claudia Iacono, the owner of Salon Deauville, has left the Montreal community in mourning.

As investigations continue, her loved ones and the local community eagerly await answers. Claudia Iacono’s legacy as a talented businesswoman and a kind-hearted individual will inspire others to embrace her values of professionalism, passion, and compassion.

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