Fella Makafui suffers ‘broken heart’; admitted at hospital after Medikal allegedly dumped her

Love is not an easy thing. It demands time, sacrifice and compromise. It is hard enough when you are an average person but it is even harder when you are a celebrity.

Celebrities’ lives are under constant scrutiny. Everyone wants to have a say in their lives and even their romantic relationships. This, however, does not mean that all their relationships do not last. Many celebrities couples made it despite the odds. Some, however, are not so lucky.

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Fella Makafui and Medikal
Fella Makafui and Medikal

One of the celebrity relationships most Ghanaians are really following to see how it ends is that of rapper Medikal and Fella Makafui.

From the look of things, it looks like there’s a pending doom as close source available to the above-mentioned love birds has relayed to Instagram blogger popularly known as ‘those called celebs’ that all is not well in the much talked about relationship.

These rumours Started spreading when a photo of actress, Fella Makafui in a hospital bed and handcuffed to the bed pole hit online.

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Although the authenticity of the photo is dubious, there are wild speculations that Fella Makafui temporary lost her mind when Medikal allegedly broke up with her.

According to Instagram blogger #thosecalledcelebs, Fella Makafui recent actions and inactions on social media specially Instagram are all fake as she’s dying slowly within due to Medikal’s chronic cheating habit.

“The girl is suffering oooo ???????????????????????? the things am hearing no…chai!! How long will u pretend for de gram?? Herrrr I love u paaaa… if u think de boy is tearing ur heart…. leave oooo …u can’t come n kill urself cux of #thosecalledcelebs and her followers… tomorrow by dis time…u will snap pics to decieve the public meanwhile u dieing inside… no where cool ampa!! Go back for Alhaji cux mamaga still collect him na ???????? de girl is confused oooo… herrrrr evidence paaa nie!!”, #thosecalledcelebs posted.

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Judging from the photo, the logical answer is that it is a scene from a movie but you never know with these celebrities, anything is possible.

nevertheless, www.atinkanews.net is keenly following the new development. We will keep you updated.