Floyd Mayweather VS. John Gotti III fight: What exactly happened?

Floyd Mayweather vs John Gotti III exhibition fight ended with an all-out brawl between both fighter’s camps Sunday night at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Fla.

The fight descended into chaos when referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight with less than a minute left in the sixth round.

So what exactly happened between Mayweather and Gotti, Here’s all you need to know.

 Floyd Mayweather vs John Gotti III
John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather during their exhibition

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What happened in the Mayweather vs Gotti fight?

With no judges assigned to the eight two-minute round contest, this exhibition contest was expected to go out without any issues.

However, there was already something brewing before the first bell with the start delayed after Mayweather’s security team had to clear people out of John Gotti’s corner.

This delay did not affect Mayweather who dominated and toyed with his opponent.

As the fight progressed it was clear that Gotti was unable to match Mayweather’s speed and technical ability, but come the sixth round, the contest was brought to an early end by referee Kenny Bayless and the fight descened into chaos.

john gotti fight
Floyd Mayweather vs John Gotti III descends into CHAOS

Why did Mayweather vs Gotti end in a mass brawl?

In front of a Florida crowd which was heavily in favour of John Gotti, Floyd Mayweather was stepping into a hostile atmosphere.

As mentioned previously, tensions were already running high before the fight and these boiled over during the contest.

Both Mayweather and Gotti were warned for trash talking and abusive language used in the middle rounds by referee Kenny Bayless, but these warnings fell on deaf ears.

This continued until the sixth round when Bayless was forced to wave off the fight which prompted Gotti to charge at Mayweather, and a mass brawl ensued.

Members of both camps stormed into the ring and threw several punches before Mayweather and Gotti were escorted out of the ring.

The departure of both fighters did not seem to stop the violence however with further brawls taking place inside and outside of the ring, and resulted in pleas from Mayweather’s team for fans to leave the venue without further violence.

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