Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live results: Fury breaks down in tears after win

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live result

Tommy Fury broke down in tears after his stunning split-decision victory over Jake Paul.

TNT Fury picked up the crucial win despite being KNOCKED DOWN in the final round.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live result

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While BOTH fighters had points deducted in a crazy bout in Saudi Arabia.

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Card Trick

Tommy Fury beat nemesis Jake Paul in a close encounter despite being knocked down in the final round.

The Brit dominated the first few rounds of the fight, according to two of the three judges, and won via split decision.

All three scored the first round in his favour with Daniel van de Wiele and Omar Minton scoring the contest 58-54 to Fury after six rounds.

Only American judge Mike Ross had the pair level going into the seventh round, despite Paul being deducted a point for punches to the back of the head.

After that all three judges gave Fury the seventh round with Paul only preventing a unanimous defeat by knocking Fury down in the eighth and final round.

Van de Wiele and Minton scored the fight 76-73 to Fury while Ross went 75-74 for Paul


Logan Paul shockingly gave an interview mid-way through his brother’s fight with Tommy Fury.

The interview heard by all fans at home and those in the arena took a hilarious and awkward turn.

After the third round, Logan was asked what his message to Jake was.

He replied: “Jake I love you, I’m not going to give you a big speech, I know you got this but come back victorious or come back on your shield, I love you bro.”

Incredibly the interviewers misheard Logan or failed to realise the “I love you” was not aimed at him.

The presenter responded: “I love you too, man.”

Fans were left in stitches, one said: “An extraordinary moment in boxing history.”

Another said: “When the best part of this fight is the presenter thinking Logan Paul loves him…”

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Drake curse strikes again

The curse of rapper Drake has struck again as Jake Paul failed to knock out Tommy Fury.

Drake was hoping to make a huge profit on the fight, putting down a whopping £350,000 on the result of the bout.

He would have profited £1.2million, but has instead lost his money.

This is not the first time the Canadian has put down a lump sum on a sporting result.

And unfortunately he is not often lucky and a notorious ‘Drake curse’ has begun.

He has supposedly bet nearly £1BILLION on sport via crypto casino Stake.

The ‘Drake curse’ stems from him posing with stars like Conor McGregor and Paul Pogba just before they lost crucial matches.

In terms of betting he has dabbled in plenty of sports, he recently put thousands on Barcelona to beat Real Madrid and even sponsored Barca’s shirt for the game but they lost.

He also joined billions from around the world in watching last November-December’s World Cup.

Drake bet £837,000 on Argentina to win the World Cup in the final against France – but lost on a technicality.

The global sensation would’ve seen a return north of £2.26m had Argentina beaten France in regular time.

In F1, He tipped Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc to win the 2022 Spain Grand Prix with the Monegasques starting the race on pole position.

Drake placed £251,000 on Leclerc to win – but the Ferrari ace retired on lap 27 with a turbo and MGH-U failure.

He did win big on the Super Bowl though winning over £1.25m after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona.

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Man Utd fans were all left saying the same thing about Cristiano Ronaldo after he was pictured at the Jake Paul v Tommy Fury fight.

The 38-year-old, now playing his football in Saudi Arabia, was snapped only hours after United lifted the Carabao Cup.

The club have gone from strength to strength this season – even after Ronaldo’s explosive exit from the club at the end of last year.

And some United fans had little time for for the Al-Nassr star.

One said: “Looool the fall from grace, could’ve been lifting a trophy but sat watching a Jake Paul boxing match.”

KSI trolls Paul fans

KSI revelled in the moment as Jake Paul lost to Tommy Fury, deciding to troll his fans.

He surprisingly jumped into a Twitter space conversation about the fight that was full of sad Paul supporters.

KSI said while bursting into laughter: “I just wanted to hear the tears.”

He was accused by rattled Americans of not fighting a ‘real boxer yet’.

KSI continued to laugh down the microphone and replied to comments suggesting he is going to face Joe Fournier: “I will destroy him and he is a boxer haha.”

He was then called a b***h multiple times but continued to laugh in their faces saying they’re crying enough to “quench the thirst of children in Africa.”

John Fury praises Paul

After their long bitter feud, John Fury has graciously praised Jake Paul for his talent and desire.

Speaking post-win for his son, John said: “Jake Paul is a lot better than I thought he was.

“He has the right to say he is a professional boxer because he impressed the hell out of me.

“He took great shots, he gave great shots and he served up a fight that was a lot better than some British champions and high level boxers.

“But don’t forget they are raw novices. He [Tommy] made his father very proud and you know what, Paul’s family can be equally as proud as him because he showed determination, grit and steel and they both wanted to win that bad.”

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Froch delighted by result

Carl Froch has named Tommy Fury’s win as good for boxing purists as the YouTuber was defeated via a split decision.

Jake Paul and Froch have had their differences before and the American has called out the 45-year-old before.

Froch told BT Sport after the fight last night: “He’s done professional boxing purists a massive favour by shutting up Jake Paul.

“He can’t call himself a professional boxer because he’s gone in against a novice pro and got absolutely whooped. He got obliterated.”

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