Who was Maddy Anholt’s husband and did they have children?

Who was Maddy Anholt’s husband? The BBC Radio 4 star passed away at 35 years old from brain cancer survived by her husband and daughter.

Maddy Anholt
BBC star Maddy Anholt passed away at the young age of 35

BBC star Maddy Anholt has died aged 35 after being diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago.

Maddy’s death was announced on Wednesday night, in a post written by her family on her GoFundMe page.

Maddy Anholt
Maddy Anholt

Who was Maddy Anholt?

Maddy Anholt was a comedian, actor, and writer.

She was known for her work with the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 – she was also a regular guest on This Morning.

The kindhearted star was also an ambassador for Women’s Aid and wrote two books about domestic violence and toxic relationships.

In 2022, Maddy wrote for The Sun in 2022 about how you can exit a toxic or abusive relationship while looking after yourself.

She was also known for the Edinburgh Fringe, and Latitude Festival, and often performed her solo comedy show at both events.

Maddy Anholt
Maddy Anholt

How did Maddy Anholt die?

On September 13, 2023, Maddy Anholt sadly passed away.

Maddy’s family penned a lengthy statement on GoFundMe, which read:

“It is with profound sorrow that we announce the death of Maddy Anholt, our beloved daughter, sister, twin, friend, wife and mother, who left this world on Wednesday 13th September, aged 35.

‘You may know that shortly after the birth of her incredible daughter Opal last year, Maddy was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.

‘She handled the ensuing surgery and treatment with astonishing grace and courage, accompanied every step of the way by her family and devoted husband, Ben.

‘She spent her final weeks at her parents’ home, Sunflower House, bathed in love and calm, and with the sounds of nature all around.

‘In her short life, Maddy accomplished so much. She was a marathon-runner, author, speaker, actor and Ambassador for Women’s Aid.

‘Her debut book was published in 2022 and her first fiction will be published soon. As an actor, she appeared in sitcoms for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, while as a speaker she led numerous masterclasses, including for the Guardian.

‘We are overwhelmed with gratitude to the many friends who have upheld us with their love and prayers during this difficult time, as well as the countless nurses, doctors and the NHS as a whole, who treated her with unfailing dignity and compassion.

‘In particular we would like to thank the magnificent team at Seaton Hospice at Home, who are the embodiment of empathy, professionalism and love.

‘We ask you not to send flowers but if you feel moved to make a small donation, this fundraiser has been set up to provide for Maddy’s one-year-old daughter, Opal.

‘Alternatively, you might consider a contribution to Maddy’s favourite charity, Women’s Aid.

Maddy Anholt
BBC star Maddy Anholt passed away at the young age of 35

‘Maddy was a powerful advocate for women’s rights and on publication of her debut book, she was invited to become an Ambassador for Women’s Aid, which she carried out with characteristic energy and humour.’

‘Wherever you are, please join us at 6pm BST on Saturday 16th September, to light a candle. Pray, meditate and hold our precious Maddy in your hearts as she returns to the stars. With love, Cathy, Laurence, Claire, Tom and Ben’.

Maddy Anholt husband and children

Maddy Anholt sadly leaves behind her husband Ben, who “accompanied” her “every step of the way” in her cancer battle.

She was also mum to their baby girl, Opal.

The couple’s daughter was born in 2022, and it was shortly after her birth that Maddy’s cancer was diagnosed.

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