Nigerian Plane crash survivor Kechi Okwuchi shares before & after photos with her mother & sister

Plane crash survivor and finalist at the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent, Kechi Okwuchi has shared a throwback and recent photo with her mother and sister.

Fifteen years after escaping death in an air crash, Kechi Okwuchi, a Nigerian-American singer continues to defy the odds and inspire others with her life-changing experience.

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Kechi was one of the two survivors in the Sosoliso Airlines Flight that crashed in 2005. Even after more than 100 surgeries, she’s still visibly scarred but that’s not holding her back in any way.

Thankfully, she has an army of people including family members who are urging her on in the right direction and reminding her that she is still beautiful.

Recently, The 30-years-old singer took to her Instagram page to share adorable photos of herself with her mother and sister. One of the photos was a throwback while the other was shot recently.

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In the throwback photo, Kechi was seen posing for the camera with her mother and sister. The singer’s mother sat on a seat and carried Kechi’s younger sister, who was still a baby, in her hands, while Kechi leaned in on her mother as she stood behind her. The mother and daughters had a beautiful smile on their faces.

The recent photo also showed the singer and her mother and sister. The women all looked beautiful and the only difference was that Kechi’s face had changed which is as a result of the unfortunate accident she had, asides that, the women looked as lovely as they were many years ago.

Kechi noted that the two photos were 20 years apart. Complimenting her mother’s beauty, the singer said that both photos showed that she did not age at all.

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See the photos below. Swipe to the left to view the second one:

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