Ginimbi’s Ferrari mysteriously catches fire during his farewell ceremony [video]


Less than one week after the tragic Car death of Zimbabwean Billionaire Ginimbi which also claimed the the life of 3 others who burnt to ashes inside his Rolls Royce.

Friday a Ferrari belonging to Ginimbi went up in smoke as it started overheating during a farewell ceremony held for him.

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It was headed to Doves funeral services for a small church service and then the picking up of Ginimbi’s body followed by a tour around town and then back to Domboshava.

The cars were said to be driven by family and friends with no specifics beyond that.

In the convoy Ginimbi’s biggest purchases of 2020 were clearly visible, the Ferrari 488 Spider and the Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe.

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Ginimbi Ferrari catches fire

Around 1-2 pm, the Ferrari was spotted stuck in traffic with large amounts of steam rising from the engine.

A crowd was immediately gathered around the car but others we weary and watched it from a distance.

Conspiracy theories immediately started. Social media was alight with the story that Ginimbi’s Ferrari had caught fire. People were back again to making insinuations of juju and black magic.

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Since Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure and Michelle “Moana” Amuli passed away Sunday morning along with two foreign nationals, Lumumba Karim and Alichia Adams, there have been many theories and floating around.

Ginimbi’s death has become a topic of discussion everywhere, along with the sources of his wealth and “special” burial proceedings.

We’re still yet to know the cause but from videos, it seemed like a case of overheating.

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