Man accused by Kennedy Agyapong of killing Ahmed Suale boldly speaks [video]


The man accused by Assin Central Member of Parliament Kennedy Agyapong of killing investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale in 2019 has denied the allegations.

Harris Ansu Gyeabour said he cannot even kill a fowl left alone to hatch a plan to kill a human being.

“All those who know me know that I can’t even kill a fowl. Ahmed Suale? I don’t know him [he said in Akan]. I trade oil and gas. I am an oil and gas trader. I have nothing like no relationship with any media because oil and gas is not tomato that we advertise. We don’t even advertise. I don’t know who Ahmed is. I don’t know whoever the F*ck is. I don’t care.”

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Kennedy Agyapong

“My picture is all over the place that I killed [Ahmed Hussein-Suale].

“What if the family of Ahmed [Hussein-Suale] meet me somewhere and they stab me. What will happen? What have you achieved? I have three children. Is it not stupid?” he stated in a video.

He accuses Ghanaians of being “wicked and stupid” for believing and taking excitement in sharing the latest allegations.

Harris Ansu Gyeabour said indeed the issue he had with the police in January 2020 has been settled and the police have even apologised to him but failed to disclose the details of the issue he had with the police.

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“In Africa, the most wicked bunch is Ghanaians. I have traveled all over and am saying the most wicked bunch is Ghanaians. We are interested in the downfall of our brothers rather than what will uplift us. when the issue of me being wanted last year broke up, people were asking how I made all my money. Stupid people. Very quick to destroy. There are other Ansu All those media houses we are coming after you. All those people who are sharing it, the cybercrime unit are monitoring Facebook and all platforms and I hope nobody will come and tell me stupid stuff that ‘fama nyame’,” he stated.

Ken Agyapong in a television interview with Adinkra TV in New York named Ansu Gyeabour as the suspect in the shooting of Ahmed Suale at his Madina residence on January 16, 2019.

He served notice that his lawyers will come after all media houses that published the latest accusation seeking to damage him.

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