Nasir Scott and Tatiana Haywood Death: What Happened ?

Did Nasir Scott and Tatiana Haywood death

Did Nasir Scott and Tatiana Haywood death —

The news of Nasir Scott and Tatiana Haywood’s untimely deaths in a murder-suicide has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving friends, family, and acquaintances grappling with an overwhelming sense of grief and disbelief.

Keep reading the article to know more about the incident in a detailed manner, including what happened to them (Nasir and Tatiana), Fayetteville Police Statement, Neitzens’ reaction, and much more!

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Did Nasir Scott and Tatiana Haywood death

What Happened to Nasir Scott and Tatiana Haywood?

On a seemingly ordinary day in Fayetteville, the lives of Nasir Scott and Tatiana Haywood were completely altered by an unimaginable act. On Wednesday morning, May 24th, 2023,

the Fayetteville Police Department confirmed that two 18-year-olds had perished in an incident that investigators suspect to be a murder-suicide. It happened at about 8:15 in the morning in a calm neighborhood near Carlos Avenue.

Tatiana Haywood, a black female victim who is 18 years old, has been named. On the spot, she was declared dead. The news has reached her family.

The shooter, a black male 18-year-old named Nasir Scott, has been located. He appeared to have shot himself in the head when he was taken to the hospital. At the hospital, he was declared dead. The news has reached his family.

The people who were shot in the 3700 block of Carlos Avenue and the incident, classified as a murder-suicide, occurred at their shared residence and was discovered by a concerned friend who promptly contacted the authorities.

Just two houses up the street, a neighbor claimed that her family member had heard sirens before hearing gunfire.

“The number of people carrying guns in my neighborhood is alarming. I have no idea what transpired. Nicole Jackson, who lives close, recalls how kid-friendly and peaceful it was when she first moved in.

Her five children, she claims, make the teen fatalities more personal. She claims she wants to give her own children some time and space to think about what transpired. “Something is always there. I won’t claim to be surprised. It’s not good that this is becoming the norm in our community, she argues.

Nasir Scott and Tatiana Haywood
High school student shot and killed girlfriend, then shot self

Fayetteville Police Department Statement

Fayetteville police stated, Nasir Scott, 18 years old, drove to the hospital with self-inflicted gunshot wounds, where he later passed away. Tatiana Haywood, 18, a graduating student at Douglas Byrd High School whom sources identified as the shooter’s girlfriend, was pronounced dead at the scene.

In two weeks, Haywood was scheduled to receive his diploma from this institution. Her family is now preparing a funeral rather than a party.

Anyone can be reached at (910) 705-2141 if you have any information regarding this death investigation. Call Crime Stoppers at (910) 483-8477 if you have information about this case and would like to remain anonymous.

Neitzens’ Reaction to Nasir Scott and Tatiana Death

The news of Nasir and Tatiana’s tragic deaths has sent shockwaves through the Fayetteville community. Friends, family, and acquaintances are struggling to come to terms with the loss of two bright souls who had so much potential ahead of them.

In a post, Marsai Melody mentioned, “That boy’s Instagram followers grew incredibly fast. He ended up murdering himself, you weirdos… so sad.”

Aletha Morris posted on Facebook, saying

“This is quite unfortunate for her family. It’s very awful that these young people are using these guns to kill people. The 4th Amendment grants us the right to own firearms for the DEFENCE of our own lives, not for the purpose of randomly killing the lives of others who are not endangering us. We have lost more children and newborns between the ages of 18 and 25 to gun violence during the past five years, sure.”

The devastating murder-suicide involving Nasir Scott and Tatiana Haywood has left the community of Fayetteville shattered. As the loved ones mourn the loss of these vibrant lives, their memory serves as a call to action. By creating a community that prioritizes mental health and supports those in need, we can strive to prevent such tragic events in the future.

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