Barry Humphries cause of death: How did Barry Humphries die?

Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries cause of death — John Barry Humphries an Australian comedian, actor, author, satirist and drag artist.

He was best known for writing and playing his stage and television characters Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson.

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The showbiz world has been rocked by the news that the 89-year-old Australian comedian has sadly passed away with many taking to social media to pay their respects.

Barry Humphries cause of death

Who was Barry Humphries?

Humphries was born on 17 February 1934 in the suburb of Kew in Melbourne, Victoria . He was the son of Eric Humphries, a construction manager, and his wife Louisa (née Darke), a housewife.

From an early age, Barry showed a penchant for performing, indulging in creative pursuits and honing his skills as a pianist.

He attended Camberwell Grammar School and later went on to study at Melbourne University, where he became involved in theatre and pursued his passion for performing.

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Who is Dame Edna Everage?

Barry Humphries

Dame Edna Everage is a fictitious character, and her life story has been entirely created by Barry Humphries.

Edna, an ostentatious Melbourne housewife, has appeared on TV and on stages all over the world – including America, the UK and Australia.

In the UK, she’s probably best known for hosting The Dame Edna Experience, Dame Edna’s Neighbourhood Watch and The Dame Edna Treatment.

She’s also known as “Dame Edna”, “Mrs Norm Everage” and “Mrs Norma Everage”. Dame Edna’s backstory is so complete, she even has relatives.

Her sons are Kenny Everage, Bruce Everage, Valmai Gittis and Lois Everage; her nephew is Barry McKenzie; and her husband, Norm Everage, died in 1988.

How did Barry Humphries die?

Barry Humphries cause of death
Barry Humphries cause of death

What was Barry Humphries cause of death?

Barry Humphries was admitted to hospital in February 2023 for hip surgery.

It transpired that he was re-admitted to St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 as a result of complications from the surgery.

His family were with him at his bedside and said that he was comfortable at the end.

They released a statement lettings fans know and thanking them for their support and all their well wishes.

Barry Humphries cause of death
Tributes pours to Barry Humphries death

Tributes pours to Barry Humphries death

Celebrities have been paying their respects to Humphries on social media with Piers Morgan tweeting ”

RIP Barry Humphries, 89. One of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

“A wondrously intelligent, entertaining, daring, provocative, mischievous comedy genius. As hilarious in private as he was as the iconic Dame Edna. What a life, what a character. Thanks for all the laughs, Barry.”

Comedian Matt Lucas posted “I wonder if all geniuses are as lovely as Barry Humphries. Thank you for delighting and inspiring us. Quite simply, you were the greatest.”

Ricky Gervais posted to his Twitter “Farewell, Barry Humphries, you Comedy genius.”

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